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Distance healing
Maria del Carmen Borja – Heilpraktikerin
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M. del Carmen Borja
Alt Nied 20
65934 Frankfurt /Main

Tel: 0162-9623690

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In these times, the first short consultation per phone and advice for distance  healing  is free

The hourly rate for self-payers and private patients is EUR 90, –

The first consultation usually lasts about 90 – 120 minutes

The benefits are mostly attached to GebüH, seldom after GOÄ. Patients with a  private insurance will receive an invoice after GebüH.

Home visits are performed and billed as follows:

Home visits, including counseling

09.01 during the day from 21.50 to 29.50

9.2 in urgent cases (Eilbesuch executed immediately) € 24, – to 32 –

09.03 at night and on Sundays and public holidays from € 27.50 to 36.50

In addition to charges for home visits if the practitioner must be acting outside of his practice, he is entitled to compensation for time spent during his absence or for the distance traveled. If the place of treatment up to 2 kilometers away from the practice, it is the way money:

10.1 to for every hour during the day € 5.50

10.2 to for every hour at night, € 10.50  The toll will be replaced at a distance of 2 to 25 kilometers

10.3 Reimbursement of expenses by public transport

10.4 by special arrangement with the patient, such as provision of a transport agent. This is only entitled to payment for time failure. When using their own vehicle for the distance traveled. From

10.5 to day is € 1,25

10.6 up to € 2.50 at night

10.7  it is a long visit of over 25 km distance between practice and visit takes so per kilometer shall be charged up to € 0.25 in travel costs  Note: The paths kilometers are calculated according to the most convenient driving distance usable. Visited the medical practitioners at a number of patients visiting trip will be divided according to the travel costs.