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Frequenztherapie NES miHealth | Naturheilpraxis Frankfurt
Maria del Carmen Borja – Heilpraktikerin
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M. del Carmen Borja
Alt Nied 20
65934 Frankfurt /Main

Tel: 0162-9623690

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NES miHealth


Frequency is the treatment of the body with oscillations produced industrially and currents. If we assume that frequencies are the language used to communicate with the cellular level, among others, we can treat certain diseases with the needed, waveforms, frequencies and intensity. miHealth

The NES  miHealth is a compact, portable, electronic, multifunctional device that is used directly on the skin or just removed from the body. Target’s self-regulatory system of the body to harmonize and achieve. Therefore miHealth generates short, pulsed electric waves and magnetic fields and specific nature of specific frequency spectrum. In interaction with the connective tissue (Matrix) of  the body,  accelerates ge recovery , for example:

  • Depletion within the cells, tissues, and the spirit.
  • Acute and chronic conditions.

This bio-electric stimulation device used particular proton resonance frequencies. It has over 170 new programs such as:
immune system,

  • colds
  • food
  • digestion
  • nerves
  • muscles
  • joins
  • energy load
  • balance chronic
  • cell biology
  • sleep
  • mental clarity
  • relaxation
  • computer radiation
  • digestion
  • chakras transformations, etc.

With the new Rejuvenerators programs associated with a scan of NES ProVision these frequencies  can be used immediately and targeted applied.





miHealth ist kein medizinisches und diagnostisches Gerät, weder therapiert noch kuriert.