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Maria del Carmen Borja – Heilpraktikerin
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M. del Carmen Borja
Alt Nied 20
65934 Frankfurt /Main

Tel: 0162-9623690

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Naturheilverfahren, Entschlackung

On our earth we live  in connection with all of what we have created: Industrialization, the millions of tons of poison emitted yearly on our planet. We breathe, eat, drink them on a daily basis, we are in permanent contact with them (eg softeners of plastics, phthalates, etc.). These poisons claimed as allergenic, carcinogenic. Our body tries to get rid of what is an additional burden on the long run, we get into imbalance, because our detoxification capacity reaches the limit: Chronic diseases are the result.
In this state, the absorption of minerals and micronutrients is affected because the cell receptors are occupied with pollutants and block the spot.

Additionally to the recommended twice a year seasonal spring- and autumn treatments, which is already a must for many of us, due to the increasing pollution of our food with foreign substances, detergents, drugs, environment and e-smog, you should prepare yourself for these purposes.

To perform a proper detoxification, the patient has to be prepared .

  • Firstly the patient must show enough energy
  • The detoxification pathways must be cleared.
  • The pH is continuously monitored, and regulated, just as well as the blood pressure
  • Ensure adequate daily fluid intake
  • Each elimination will be monitored carefully.
  • An order therapy will be guided

In order to evaluate you, we suggest a Scan of your body field.

Case required, we recommended you the right homeopathic complex remedies you may take. For more information, please visit the page homeopathy.