Maria del Carmen Borja – Heilpraktikerin
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Maria del Carmen Borja
Schwalbacher Str. 19
60326 Frankfurt /Main
Tel: 0162-9623690


Lebensenergie Yin YangIn my practice are used  principles and  philosophy of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). All life processes are built from the relative opposing principles of yin and yang are complementary and produce, as a shaping anew equilibrium. This balance determines the free flow of Qi.

Yin represents the dark, shadow, earth, cold, calm, inside round, feminine, downward, matter, space.

Yang for the bright, light, sky, heat, activity, outside flat, male, top, energy, time.

Pathogenic factors or their combinations that may be causing the imbalance:

• Climatic factors, such as wind, cold, humidity, drought

• Poor nutrition, such as: low nutritional value of foods with chemicals such as flavor enhancers, preservatives and traces of pesticides

• Epidemic factors, such as measles

• Emotional factors such as stress, anxiety, worry, anger

• Constitution, family illnesses and trends