Maria del Carmen Borja – Heilpraktikerin
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Maria del Carmen Borja
Schwalbacher Str. 19
60326 Frankfurt /Main
Tel: 0162-9623690


Before the first consultation, we conduct a short interview (by telephone or in our consulting rooms), it will be informed about the progress of the first consultation, the relevant documents we would need to take a look at, such as specialist medical reports, treatment, hospitalization, vaccination certificate (if applicable) .Scan wird erläutert

You will prepare yourself mentally with the advices you will get from me, for this first consultation in order, to achieve your history, we will perform it together. It is similar to the conversation history in classical homeopathy. This active targeted survey will take approximately 1 ½ hours specially by chronic patients with diseases of unknown origin, it is important  the signals the body sent to be correctly interpreted to determine the possible association with emotional and mental suffering for the cause.

Play an important role not only inherited diseases of our ancestors, but also any situation in which we had to make a decision. It is about our interactions with our surroundings / environment and assess their impact on our self and about to learn to live in harmony.