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Maria del Carmen Borja
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NES Provision System

One method is very effective in representing the state of the patient, the Nes ProVision system, it is the human body-field (HBF = Human Body Field), and measured their interactions as well as its subfield (scan). There are influences of gravity and magnetic fields of the earth, polarity recorded, and the strength of the energetic state of the driver and structural energetic integrators.

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NES ProVision.System shows the imbalances / field damage in the body:

  • Assessment of major organ function
  • skeletal muscle
  • Food intolerances
  • environmental toxins
  • Metabolism, pH balance, carbohydrate, glucose, enzyme production and function, poor supply of vitamins, minerals and fat
  • emotional state
  • Meridian features
  • mental functions

NES Infoceuticals are bioenergetic drops that contain the information in a specific order as they field the body returns to its optimal structure.

At this point, I recommend the movie “The Living Matrix”


Please note: All the above diagnosis and treatment methods of naturopathic medicine are experience that do not belong to the common methods in the sense of being recognized by mainstream medicine.